The Skills Development Programme serves as a fundamental initiative under the Prime Minister's Youth Programme (PMYP), dedicated to nurturing a skilled workforce that propels economic growth. Its primary objective is to empower the youth of Pakistan with cutting-edge, demand-driven, and employable skills. With a diverse array of over 100 highly sought-after skills on offer, including artificial intelligence, mechatronics, programming, graphic designing, data analytics, e-commerce, cyber security, culinary arts, PLC, CNC Machining, welding, and electric technology.

The implementation of this extensive initiative is overseen by the esteemed National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), in collaboration with 600 distinguished training providers, including prestigious universities, TVET institutes, and reputable companies. The programme functions with clear and defined focus areas, with a primary emphasis on providing technical skills that align with the dynamic needs of the market. Furthermore, a key aspect of the Skills Development Programme lies in promoting inclusivity, diligently striving for gender equality, inclusiveness of differently abled young individuals, marginalized youth, and empowering youth workers engaged in the informal sector. The programme places a strong emphasis on fostering competence among its trainees, ensuring that they are equipped to excel in their chosen fields.

14 Components

The 14 areas of interventions proposed under the Skills for All Strategy serve as a catalyst for the transformation of the entire TVET system in the country besides enabling youth to become skillful, well groomed & aptly employed.

  • Development & Standardization of 200 TVET Qualifications.

    of TVET

  • Accreditation of 2,000 TVET Institutes all across Pakistan.


  • International accreditation of 50 TVET institutes & joint international degree programs.

    International Accreditation
  • National Employment Exchange Tool with national job portal & career counseling centers.


  • 100 Smart Tech labs across Pakistan for distant learning TVET.

    Tech labs

  • 10 country of destination specific facilitation centers in 10 cities across Pakistan.

    Facilitation Centers

  • 70 new labs/workshop in Madrassas to introduce skill development activities.

    Labs in Madrassas

  • Skill development program for 50,000 youth belonging to less developed areas.

    Skill Development

  • Skill development of 50,000 youth in high-end technologies.


  • Apprenticeship training of 25,000 youth in various industries.

    Apprenticeship Training

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) of youth to certify their informally acquired skills.

    Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Establishment of National Accreditation Council at ICT.

    Accreditation Council

  • Training of 2500 TVET teachers as per international TVET practices.


  • Establishment of 50 business incubation centers to promote self-employment in youth.

    Incubation Centers