Jobs Created :

Youth Programme Markaz is a standardize one stop shop for university students that will provide necessary information, counselling and recourses through single widow system.

A PC-1 of Rs. 447.466 million was approved for establishing Youth Programme Markaz (Youth Development Center) in 106 public sector universities.

Create database of all universities by registering each university student on Digital Youth Programme Markaz (d-KJM) in the first phase capturing all relevant details through NITB.

Creating a unique student identity number and a Youth Programme University Card through NADRA.

The students will have their user accounts for access to information, opportunities and communication like youth surveys and polls at d-KJM.

Through these individual student accounts, e-voting could be done for various elections like green elections for GYM Clubs, university representatives for National Youth Council inter alia.

The d-KJM will be linked with National Job Portal for further linkages with industry & prospective employers. It will facilitate in getting internships, apprenticeship and job placement.

The d-KJM will be linked with virtual business incubation center for coaching and mentoring on entrepreneurship promoting startups, e-commerce, freelancing particularly for young women.

The d-KJM will also serve as a hub for providing scholarships, capacity building, LSBE, career counselling, internships, apprenticeships and job placement.

The database will also help in informed and evidence based decision making and analysis like demand supply gaps in job market and investing accordingly to enhance employability.

National Volunteer Service will be made a part of co-curricular activities and a certain percentage of marks will be allocated for volunteer activities performed by the Students coordinated under Youth Programme Markaz.

Suggestion & Complaints

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