Chairman Prime Minister youth programme Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan met representatives from the British Council

The Chairman of the Prime Minister Youth Programme recently engaged in a productive meeting with representatives from the British Council, marking a pivotal moment in fostering collaborative efforts towards advancing youth leadership and development. Among the attendees were esteemed figures such as Mr. James Hampson, the Country Director of the British Council, along with Ms. Wajiha and Ms. Sarah Parvez. The meeting served as a platform for both parties to strategize on joint projects aimed at empowering and nurturing the potential of youth. Discussions were marked by a spirit of shared dedication to clarity and empowerment, highlighting a mutual commitment to laying the groundwork for transformative initiatives. With a focus on illuminating the path toward a promising future, the deliberations underscored the importance of collaboration in addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by today's youth. Through strategic partnerships and concerted efforts, the meeting set the stage for impactful endeavors that promise to shape a brighter tomorrow for the youth of Pakistan.