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'Tiger Force' volunteers to get honorary certificates for joining govt's efforts against COVID-19

The government will give honorary certificates to the Corona Relief Tiger Force (CRTF) volunteers for assisting the local administrations in suppressing the novel coronavirus spread in the country, said Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Youth Affairs Muhammad Usman Dar on Wednesday. Addressing the ‘Tiger Force Convention’, he said the CRTF volunteers would be given honorary certificates on the instruction of Prime Minister Imran Khan. “The whole nation feels proud of the ‘tiger force’, which has been rendering services day and night without any salary, compensation and greed.” Usman Dar said he fully believed that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan would defeat the deadly virus with additional support, provided by the CRTF. “We will defeat the coronavirus in its ongoing final round as we did in the quarter final,” he said while referring to the government’s efforts that led to flattening the COVID-19 curve in the country. He said the prime minister had announced to commemorate the ‘Tiger Force’ day on August 9 to acknowledge the CRTF efforts. Around one million saplings would be planted in every nook and cranny on that day, he added. The SAPM said previously, there was a record of planting 600,000 saplings in a day but this time the CRTF would set aside the previous record by planting one million trees across the country. “We have 1,000,000 volunteers of the ‘tiger force’, who will set a new record on August 9 by planting 1,000,000 trees in one day,” he remarked. “Our chief ministers, governors, parliamentarians, Prime Minister himself and MNAs (Members of National Assembly) will take part in the upcoming plantation drive and plant trees on the occasion.” An application had been launched to make the CRTF more efficient and effective, he informed the Rawalpindi youth and said: “With the usage of digital technology, Prime Minister Imran Khan has empowered the ‘tiger force’ volunteers.” Usman Dar said now the CRTF members could directly report the violations of anti-COVID SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to the local administrations directly with this application. It would also help sensitize the volunteers about the SOPs. He lamented the opposition for criticizing the ‘tiger force’ unnecessarily and urged the political opponents to visit in their respective areas to witness the untiring efforts of CRTF in curbing the virus spread. The SAPM also spoke on the Kashmir issue and said the entire nation including men, women, senior citizens and children stood with their Kashmiri brothers and sister, who had been caged by the Modi led government for the last one year. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had fought the case of Kashmiris in the United Nations in unprecedented manner.

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