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UNDP team calls on SAPM

Ms. Laura Sheridan, along with other members from UNDP called on Muhammad Usman Dar, Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Youth Affairs here at Prime Minister Office, today. The meeting focussed on preliminary preparation and necessary coordination before the arrival of the Commonwealth's team in Pakistan, which is expected in the near future. The purpose of the visit is to help the country improve its Youth Development Index (YDI) by ensuring youth-related developments. SAPM stressed the need for enhanced collaboration among various ministries and donors for the betterment of the youth. " No government in the past worked for the welfare of Pakistani youth. The country cannot truly progress without mainstreaming youth in socio-economic development", said Mr. Dar. Mr. Dar said that the country's YDI kept on going down but governments in the past ignored to pay due attention towards the welfare of our youth. He said that the present government has already launched historic initiatives for youth development and will ensure all required interventions identified for improving their situation. Ms. Laura Sheridan said that UNDP will extend all possible assistance to help the country regarding youth development. The meeting was also attended by officials of the PM office.

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