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Usman Dar Takes KP Youth Minister Atif Khan on Board for Collaborative Youth-Focused Interventions in KP

Mr. Muhammad Usman Dar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs called on Mr. Atif Khan, Senior Minister KP for Tourism, Youth Affairs, Sports, Culture and Archeology to discuss provincial collaboration on various youth-focused initiatives of the Federal Government. Mr. Muhammad Usman Dar briefed Mr. Atif Khan on Federal Government’s planned initiatives for the socio- economic development of youth all across Pakistan. He told, “Federal Government is launching Kamyab Jawan Programme, an SME-lending facility to offer subsidized business loans to the young entrepreneurs for running their own businesses in three categories: up to Rs. 500.000, from Rs. 0.5-1, and 1-25 Million”. He added, “National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Khyber, and Bank of Punjab would roll out the scheme initially, whereas other commercial banks would join the scheme at a later stage. Mr. Muhammad Usman Dar remarked, “We are also collaborating with “Ehsaas” Programme for extending cash grants to rural and marginalized youth to start their own business ventures. He added, “Federal Government also intends to launch Green Youth Movement (GYM), under which major share of trees out of Prime Minister’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project, would be earmarked for plantation by youth. It would not only productively engage them socially but would also earn them respectable livelihood.” Mr Dar briefed Mr. Atif, “Another remarkable initiative of the Federal Government would be National Internship Programme, under which young graduates would be offered paid internships not only in all development projects of Federal PSDP and Provincial ADP, but also in top 100 private sector companies/industries. He also told Mr. Atif Khan, “In education, Federal Government is about to launch Startup Pakistan Programme to create a national eco-system for the development of innovation-driven entrepreneurs (IDEs). Youth across all universities and 300 accredited TVET institutes would be trained in seven emerging technologies through digital incubation initiative for sustainable national economic growth. Moreover, under the Skills Development Programme, 150,000 youth, both male and female, would receive effective technical and vocational training in both high-tech and conventional demand-driven trades to ensure their maximum employability.” Mr. Usman Dar said, “We also plan to get Insaf Sehat Cards issued for youth across the country, in order to empower them socially and economically.” He added, “In collaboration with UNDP, Federal Government is also implementing Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) for socio-economic development of youth in KP, Sindh and Balochistan through skill development and employment.” Mr. Dar also briefed Mr. Atif Khan on Prime Minister’s Youth Pulse Portal and Jawan Markaz initiatives for productive engagement of youth in all walks of life both through digital and physical platforms. Mr. Atif Khan appreciated Mr. Muhammad Usman Dar and his team for a wide array of programmes aimed at the socio-economic development of 68% population of vibrant youth. He especially highlighted the need for effective vocational and skills training for the youth through reputed private sector TVET institutes in order to ensure their employability in the job market.

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